Hexhibit | What we do
What we do

What we do

Hexhibit is a small, two-person visual communications studio. We work with a number of clients; primarily in the not-for-profit sector, designing and developing print, onscreen and environmental elements to promote, explain, and organise all kinds of visual information and narratives.

Identity Design

Type and Image. Or maybe just Type. Or just Image. Or sometimes not even those, but simply colour or form. We develop visual identities for organisations, events, and places.

Design for Print

Remember when you used to print information? So do we! We love paper and ink. We love the scope for a tactile quality, for special finishes, and for the general richness of the medium. Both of us come from a core background of design for print, and look forward to many more years of reports of it's death being greatly exaggerated.

Design for Screen

Design for Screen. E-Graphics. UI. Digital Media. Motion Graphics. Web. Apps. Pretty much anything digital or virtual, and viewed on a device of some kind.

Design for Environment

The design of elements in physical spaces. Signage. Banners. Information kiosks. Exhibitions. Information panels.